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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost extra to be a member of Grogan College?

No! Grogan College has no membership fees or additional charges and no on-campus housing is more affordable than Grogan Residence Hall.

Is Grogan College separate from UNCG?

No! Grogan is a part of UNCG. It is a program established by UNCG to help first-year students achieve personally and academically while making a successful transition to college. At Grogan you will meet other UNCG students who share your career goal or major, connect with UNCG professors, and work on important study and professional skills and leadership development, all of which will enhance your success at UNCG and beyond As a UNCG program, all of the courses, professors and credits are from UNCG.

Are there minimum academic requirements for admission to Grogan College?

No! Grogan accepts all traditional first-year students on a first-come, first-serve basis. While a few of our Communities (Music and Nursing) are restricted by major; most serve a wide group of majors, professions or interests.

Do Grogan College courses “count”?

Yes! The academic course(s) associated with your Learning Community will either meet requirements for your specific major or they will meet General Education requirements. Sometimes the same course will do both! Even your one-credit GRC 101 counts toward the total number of credits needed for graduation.

Do I have to live in Grogan my whole four years?

No! Grogan is currently a one year program for freshmen. To stay in Grogan as an upperclassman, you must apply to become an Peer Academic Leader (PAL)

When will I know if I am accepted?

In most cases, we will respond to your application with 2 weeks or less.

Can I join Grogan College and be in the Lloyd’s International Honors College at the same time?

Yes! You are not required to live in the Honors College in order to participate. You can choose to live in Grogan and be a member of a Grogan Community your first year while still participating in the Honors College. After your year in Grogan you may elect to live in the Honors College or you can continue to be a member while living elsewhere.

I heard Grogan is under renovation for 2014-15. Will Grogan College still be open?

Yes! Grogan residence hall will be closed for renovations for the 2014-15 academic year. Grogan Residential College will temporarily be housed in the newly renovated Reynolds hall for that time.

If Grogan College is going to be in Reynolds hall, which residence hall do I select on my housing application?

Neither. Simply select your Grogan College (GC) community on your housing application and we’ll make sure you’re assigned to the correct hall.

Do I have to complete a Grogan College application and a Housing application?

Yes, the application process for Grogan College is separate from the application for housing.
To apply to Grogan College, click here  http://grogan.uncg.edu/prospective/apply.php

To apply for housing, click here  http://hrl.uncg.edu/apply_for_housing/new_14-15.php
When applying for housing, simply select your Grogan College (GC) learning community on your housing application and we’ll make sure you’re assigned to the correct hall.

I already applied for housing but didn’t select a Grogan community. What should I do?

Nothing. Once you are accepted in Grogan College we will override whatever you selected on your housing application to make sure you’re assigned to the correct hall.

I can’t afford the 200.00 housing deposit. Does that mean I can’t live on campus?

Absolutely not. The Office of Housing and Residence Life offers a deposit waiver for those who qualify. You must email The Office of Housing and Residence Life directly at hrl@uncg.edu to inquire if you qualify.

I have a roommate preference. What should I do?

You should complete the roommate preference on the Housing application AND email Grogan College directly at grogan@uncg.edu. We will do everything possible to honor your roommate request. However, our residence hall is restricted to only students accepted into Grogan College; therefore, your preferred roommate must also be accepted into Grogan College. Roommates who are both accepted to Grogan College but in different communities will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.