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   Grogan Residential College
Next year you could be a PAL waiting for the new Groganites to arrive
Start a great year on Move-in Day
Spend time with your Faculty fellow & fellow Groganites outside of the classroom
Experience life in Grogan Hall
What will you write on the chalk wall
Benefit from service learning in GRC 101
Get help in classes like BIO 111 right where you live
Engage in experiential learning in GRC 101
Choose your challenge at TeamQuest
Take advantage of opportunites to volunteer
S'more extracurriculars please!
Perform and socialize at Grogan Night of the Arts
Plan to meet your new BFF here
Who will you become in Grogan College
Grogan College will be housed in newly renovated Renolds Hall in 2014-15

During 2014-15, Grogan Residential College will be housed in Reynolds Hall. To complete your Housing application, simply select your Grogan College (GC) community. Be sure you complete the Grogan College application as well.

(It should only take about 10 minutes!)

Are you looking for an engaging and transformative university experience? Grogan College could be your first-year home. Grogan College seeks to develop the successful students, future professionals, leaders, and informed citizens of the UNCG campus and beyond. Becoming a Groganite can be your first step towards making an easier transition to college life, maintaining a higher GPA, developing leadership skills, building relationships with friends & faculty, and having fun while exploring University resources & opportunities.

Grogan College is a supportive, residential community of students and faculty with common interests who engage in courses and extracurricular activities designed to enhance the first-year student’s personal and academic success. Each community within the College focuses on a specific theme; some are designed for students who have already selected a major or career while others are design for all students who wish to develop transferable professional competencies that are highly valued regardless of intended major or career. The students in each community take several courses together, one or more of which is taught by the Faculty Fellow. Groganites benefit from mentoring and support provided by the Faculty Fellow and the Residential Peer Academic Mentor (PAL), an upperclassman who lives on the same floor as the community.

Listen to a former Groganite reflect on the value of his Grogan College experience.